Fabio Paolo Barbieri (fpb) wrote,
Fabio Paolo Barbieri

One of the few good things about getting older...

... is the fact that the annual bout of hay fever is getting weaker and weaker. These days, I often go for days without taking the usual Loratadine pill, with no worse consequences than the occasional loud sneeze. When I was a young man - let alone a teen-ager - hay fever was a nightmare. I would get styes in my eyes, large enough to almost blind me; and I remember one occasion when I sneezed so hard and so long I was nearly dehydrated. I bought a 330-cl bottle of Kronenbourg beer and drank it on the spot. It made me feel better, but I am sure that all the good people on that bus in Rome must have thought I was the most desperate kind of drunk. Drinking from the bottle, in public, is never done in Italy, for any reason whatsoever. But I needed it and it helped. Now I just get a nasty itch over my eyelids every now and then, and of course the sneezing.
Tags: personal note

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