Fabio Paolo Barbieri (fpb) wrote,
Fabio Paolo Barbieri

Reverse racism

The ferocity of American racism is becoming more intense by the day. But it may surprise you where I see it happening and why. I say that it really scares me with what hatred "white men" are described in ordinary discourse, among people who regard themselves as opposing racism and prejudice; and how impossible it is becoming to discuss any social subject without bringing in racism (of the "black"-bashing kind, of course).

Now, I cannot think that it is a coincidence that the increasingly heated, increasingly feverish obsession with "toxic whiteness" and such is moving pari passu with a dramatic and increasingly swift social change in America: the increasing pauperization of the lower and middle classes and the violent separation between the middle and upper classes. People like Lisa Denham and her repulsive father, with their disgusting duo about the coming "extinction" of "white man", are one per centers who would never have been noticed by anyone, let alone have had a media and arts career, otherwise; and the despicable little racist Sarah Jeong is an upwardly mobile person aiming to a place in the top one per cent, and doing none too badly in that goal. The more vicious the social split is becoming between the middle and the upper class in America, the more wildly "white privilege" and "cultural appropriation" are claimed to be issues.

Frankly, at this point I think a little Marx and Freud are not out of place. These people demonize the average white man because they feel guilty; they project their guilt on their victims. They feel guilty because they know they are sucking the life out of the society most of their fellow-citizens live in. Every drop of privilege among the seriously rich is taken away from the common pool of opportunity. And when we hear that more than 50% of Americans find that they aren't able to meet a sudden $500 expense, when any long-term illness is apt to reduce them to beggary, then it becomes clear that there is something to feel guilty about. When these things are left largely unspoken, whereas all the "socially concerned" persons obsess about an increasingly abstract notion of "racism" - and do so in an increasingly intolerant manner - I think we have a danger signal.

To be brutal, I believe that, consciously or unconsciously, the dominant classes intend to exclude from discourse anything that comes from "white men" as defined by them, by investing them with imagined racism and insulting ideas of white privilege, so as to disguise from themselves the reality of their own reverse class war. "See, these people themselves live somehow by robbing "blacks" and depriving them of their own proper deserts; see, when they whine about being robbed and abused, that is just yer everlasting commonplace racist black-bashing" - even if the unhappy "white" may never have either mentioned or intended colour at anytime in whatever protest they made. That Tea Partyism and all such phenomena are not only racist but essentially and basically racist is a fundamental tenet of this reverse racism, never even discussed. And that is why Farrakhan and his insane and dangerous followers are never treated as the intellectual and political horror, or as the terrible shackle on the "black" communities, that they are: because their racist resentment works very well within the reverse-racist narrative, behind which, if you pay attention, is nothing but the most brutal class war.

Certainly there is such a thing as black-bashing racism. More importantly, there is such a thing as the devastating exclusion of many "black" communities from any benefit in the common citizenship, their reduction to reservoirs of manpower for organized crime and for the armed forces. The point is that by casting the guilt for these horrors upon "white men" who are themselves increasingly in the same plight, who have no say in national social policies - because they would never have been so thrown to the wolves if they had - the two groups are made to hate and fear each other, while taking their eyes altogether off the conditions that really grind them down. "Blacks" and "whites" should stop accepting these categories, realize that they are in the same plight and that the same class is robbing, oppressing and abusing both. WORKERS OF THE WORLD ARISE! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHAINS!

- ahem! - But it is true that this old-fashined Marxist analysis is the best way to understand what is going on. Yet Marxism itself, under the guise of "critical theory", has been abducted by the reverse-racist class warriors. The idea that it is about examining class discrimination - and, above all, the deformities that class discrimination forces upon the thinking of both oppressors and oppressed - seems to have been forgotten; and now we have a neo-Marxist discourse in which one per centers cast themselves as oppressed victims. Old Karl turns in his grave.
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